A new addition to our ongoing effort of zero waste is the Megan-Ilene scrap bundle. Each one is filled with seasonal remnants of our plethora of natural fabrics. Now in three color ways! 

-Solids: raw silks and cottons in solid, commercially dyed (or their natural state) colors.

-Prints: Block prints in natural dyes and sari silks

-Hand dyed: You guessed it, Megan-Ilene hand dyed goodness

Expect for your bundle to arrive with around 30 pieces of fabric, each ranging from 4"x5" to 10"x14" in size

Scrap Bundle

  • Use your Scrap Bundle to create:

    -A pieced garment

    -Scrunchies, pouches, headbands, or other small fabric projects

    -Fabric art, quilts or weave into a hand woven piece

    -Check out some of our past projects for inspo!


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